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Stratomedia is developing 7 new websites for retail industry:

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Stratomedia is developing 5 new websites dedicated
to the people around the world: - English | - Russian

Local Government and Journalism



PowerPoint presentations
Designed a series of PowerPoint presentations for the SEIU annual conference. Work was done in a very short time to meet the association's challenging schedule.

U.S. Army
Using the CAC with PKI
for Secure
Commercial Email
This large computer-based training (CBT) for the Department of Defense/Public Key Infrastructure consists of two discrete sections, an "End-User" module and a "System's Administrator" module, each with over 100 pages of web content, animations, simulations and testing. This CBT was built using HTML, Flash and audio to instruct 1.5 million military personnel and consultants on the use of the Army's "smart cards." Stratomedia was instrumental in developing the lesson plan and in creative production as well as multimedia programming.


Web Design and Development

Armenian National Committee of America
ANCA Website Design
Stratomedia designed the website for the largest and most influential grassroots lobbying and political organization serving the Armenian-American community.
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Armenia Fund, Inc.
Website Design and
CMS Development
In support of the Armenia Fund's outreach effort to the Armenian-American community, Stratomedia redesigned the organization's corporate branding and developed a new website with an advanced Content Management System and online donations.
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Cordoba Corporation
Website Design and CMS Development
Headquartered in Los Angeles, Cordoba is one of the country’s leading civil engineering and construction management firms and one of the top ten most established minority-owned firms. Stratomedia redesigned the company’s website and created an advanced Content Management System.
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University of Maryland
Department of Transportation website
Designed user-friendly website templates that enable University of Maryland students and interns to create and update webpages.
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The U.S Office
of The Nagorno Karabakh Republic
Website Design
and Staff Training
This 150-page website for The U.S. Office of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic demonstrates Stratomedia's ability to design and develop large and complex websites that require a high level of planning and organization. This attractive and informative site delivers a wealth of content as well as a flexible structure, which allows for future growth. Stratomedia provides ongoing training and technical support for maintaining and updating the site.
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Armenians for Kerry
Website in support of the Presidential Candidate
John Kerry
In a campaign environment, timeliness is everything. This website was designed and published in 2 days. In appreciation of this community outreach effort, a site link was placed from the official
John Kerry website.
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Doudaklian Leather Goods & Luggage
Retail Store Website
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Preventing Suicide Network
Stratomedia designed web banner for the Preventing Suicide Network website appealing to teenagers with suicidal thoughts and their friends.
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Americans for Artsakh
Organizational Website
Stratomedia helped "Americans for Artsakh" — a new nonprofit organization form its corporate identity through a campaign mailer and companion website. The design is aimed at the target audience of Armenian-Americans.
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David Jones
Chatham High School 20 Year Reunion website
The website thrilled old classmates. You can visit the website at any time to see fresh postings on the message board!
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Chris Van Hollen
Chris Van Hollen
for Congress 2002
Stratomedia designed the new look for this 2002 Congressional campaign website which was instrumental in the successful grassroots campaign that led to the election of Chris Van Hollen, Maryland's 8th district Congressman, over a heavily favored incumbent and a well-funded Democratic contender.
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Union Standard Consulting
Corporate Website
Stratomedia designed the website for this leading retail consulting company in Russia.
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Print and Graphic Design

Americans for Artsakh
Outreach Campaign Mailer
Stratomedia helped "Americans for Artsakh" — a new nonprofit organization form its corporate identity through a campaign mailer and companion website. The design is aimed at the target audience of Armenian-Americans.

Armenia Fund, Inc.
Annual Report 2005
Stratomedia designed the 2005 Annual Report for Armenia Fund, a nonprofit headquartered in California with 19 global affiliates. The 16-page report was designed to attract a global Armenian audience, yet in keeping with corporate presentation style. Text and photos feature project work, fundraising activities, and Armenia Fund political supporters, including Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Baroness Caroline Cox.

The Urban Institute
Cover Design
The covers designed for different Urban Institute projects and proposals are in keeping with the think tank's reputation for serious research and high-quality performance.

Ellipso, Inc.
Virgo Logo Design
This start-up telecommunication company affiliated with Boeing and Lockheed Martin needed their logo to have a clean look and be hi-tech and energetic.

Armenia Fund
2004 Annual Report
Stratomedia designed the 2004 Annual Report for Armenia Fund, a nonprofit based in Los Angeles that provides large scale humanitarian and infrastructure development assistance to the Republic of Armenia.


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